Thursday, November 30, 2017

More Information on the Release of Lawrence D Kelsey: The Life of the Explorer

       It is not enough to write a book. In today's market, one must also give thought to marketing such a book. One of the strategies to doing so is to create a market for the book prior to its actual release.  I therefore reported that I expected this book to be releases in late November.   This would have been nice from the standpoint that the brothers to this book, my three other books, were all released in November.    Alas, this has been an atypical project and took more time in its final stages than was anticipated.

       It therefore is likely to be available as a perfect bound 6x9 inch soft cover book in the first week of December, and in every form of electronic media two weeks from yesterday.    This should still provide time for those of you who wished to make it a Christmas present. 

      This will also allow the book to be available and ready in multiple media forms before Giedrė Žickytė releases her new documentary film "The Jump" on the subject of Simas Kudirka is released in 2018.   Lawrence D. Kelsey's role in the release of Simas Kudirka is mentioned in this film, and it is also my intent to have my book lead people to the great work of award winning film maker  Giedrė Žickytė.

       Of course, it is also my intent to have shared a view of a remarkable and interesting person, my father, Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, in all of his occupations, roles and incarnations throughout his lifetime.

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